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Complete car diagnostics service

•  Air bags

•  Anti-lock brakes

•  Electronic components

•  Engine management systems and more



Get in touch with us if you’re located in Sydenham and need a reliable engine diagnostics service. Call us on 020 8778 3109 today!

Affordable car diagnostics you can rely on

We’ll identify and fix all the faults in your car efficiently.

Get expert engine diagnostics in Sydenham

Has the warning light on your dashboard started flashing? Don’t worry! The experienced mechanics at Knighton Motors Ltd will make use of the latest diagnostics equipment to find out the fault and provide the right solution. We'll run a full diagnostics check on your car to pinpoint the source of the problem and arrange for swift repairs to fix it. From mechanical to electrical faults, we can uncover any underlying issues in your car,


At Knighton Motors Ltd, our friendly mechanics will provide you with the best advice possible, giving you a clear explanation of what's wrong and how we are going to fix the problem.

our technicians use the latest diagnostics equipment to find any faults, to enable us to carry out swift and effective repairs